Hyperion Redwood. El árbol más alto del Planeta.

Gracias a Mario, un visitante de esta página de oregón, que nos ha mandado un enlace sobre el árbol llamado Hyperión redwood. Esta Secuoya es el árbol más alto que se conoce exista en nuestro planeta:
"January 2009, I located Hyperion Redwood, the tallest known tree in the world: 379.1 feet tall.Hyperion redwood was found September 8, 2006, by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, naturalists who explore California coast redwoods - in a remote part of Redwood National Park. Preliminary measurement was done with a professional quality laser rangefinder. In September 2006, Dr. Steve Sillett climbed Hyperion for a tape drop measurement, that included reaching the tip with a telescopic measuring tool. Numbers from the tape and telescopic device were added together - filmed by National Geographic"
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